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United States
Current Residence: East Coast (kind of) Missing OC home in CA
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Demitri
Personal Quote: Riku's SO Sexy
Rose of All Seasons

A clear colorless rose
lies surrounded by nothing
She takes on anything that
even dares to come near
like a chameleon
In her own dark winter
shut out from all others
Snow falls and rests gently upon
the now pale white rose
As the frost melts to spring
she only reaveals her fragile petals to
a man set in awe of such a delicate thing
Wanting to hold it
all to himself
he tries to capture this beauty
But as he reaches out,
hidden thorns prick his extended fingers
exposing a crimson blood that
covers and consumes the now
Red rose
Feeling the showers of rain
from above and the shadows of
spring disappear
the sun emerges and beats down
on the small flower
bringing forth a golden tan
on the now bright yellow rose
The tides of summer vanish
in the dusty winds
as a few petals slowly fall to
the ground like the
distant autumn leaves
Each day grows shorter and
the cold nights continue on and on
This single flower is left alone
in the middle of the midnight
And although the newly black rose
is just like everything else in
the nights shadows,
She is still like a
rainbow in the dark
Yet through it all
She is still alone
and she cries
throughout the night
In the morning
her tear dew drops
remain on her body
And having shed all of her color
to the ground
she is
clear yet again
But from the tears that have
seeped into the ground
grow new flowers of life

July 28, 2000 1:54am-2:33am
Early August?


Living in your shadow
is all I'll ever do
It's hard to come close to
someone who you cannot reach
Is love a tangible thing?
You are you
I am me
But will anyone let us be
what we want to be?
Dwelling within your darkness
only diminishes what is left of mine
If I vanish so will you
If you vanish I will too
So forget the darkness
and bring out
the light
A shadow can only come forth
from the light
My Shadow
My own shadow will grow
to fit yours

June 30, 2000

(Drawing Title)
The sea has eyes which flood
with every salty tear made by just one lonely soul, lost in a world of dispair
The soul that dwells on thoughts of yesterday and wonders of tomorrow
But like all things, these drift away, revealing everything that has been and will be

Over Filled Fire

I hate the way I feel
I confess myself to buying
anything associated with all of this
and later people giving
me things because of my interest
I can't find myself
to get rid of them because
I still find a way to see
what I believe in but
it still just makes me no better
than the rest of the people
out there that just add fuel
to the media's need to continue
Almost anyway I feel horrible
I just don't know what to do
about anything concerning this matter
Crying cannot take it away
What can I do?

What Will You Find

Teenage absession
That leads to depression by oppression
Finding weak cover ups
In mere magazine pin ups
Nothing coming from nothing
Believing everything that people are bluffing
Tearing, wrinkling, cutting up time
Closing eyes, seeing only one thing to find
Pain and a void deeper than you know
Taking in every single scaring blow
You can't undo what has been done
In a world that finds it fun to shun


In the illustrious shadows of the night
What do you see?
I can not see past you
or even into me
In you everything is reflected
down below your feet
Your hand reaches out
to the place where we meet
My shadow is the only thing
you touch
only to disappear in the blinding light
What do I know; see
I don't know but
I know
I will not give up without a fight!

Take the 'v' out of Love
Shake it up
And then, you will find
My Love

Put the 'v' back in Love
Switch the set up
And still nothing altered will you find
Because that hidden vail still prevails
My Love

Shadows, painting out the slow
moving night
Listening to the thunder of the
tired light
The gentle rain blows through
my mind
Clearing thoughts away; feeling
Wipe the dew away from
my eyes
Do tell me they're all
just lies
The wind has gone
but where to?
Tell me
Where are you?

2:18am 4-4-00

Count 'til you see the point
One reason to the game is
two ways to get away
three days to find out what
four seasons over in time
five fingers show you the way


Not This, But...
Fake.  Fake.  Fake.
In this artificial place we make
is anything real
You touch the sun
to feel it burn away your soul
Leaving you empty,
midless, alone
Walking blank,
into the water
Consuming what is left of your tired body
The sea brings you back to
where you began


Dustin' The Wind
If you put on a smile
in a flash will it stay that way forever?
Days go as you stroll down
the path to the winding end
Looking back through the howling wind
obscured by black clouds
You will see nothing,
but this
A glow that dims out,
dying altogether
in the small second you acknowledge it
Running backwards towards the only real thing
You trip on the dust left from
the clouds, as you look around
with racing eyes
You fall
Down the wayside road
You fall
In a whirling motion
you land
very lightly on your feet
only to fall yet again
but this time
landing on bended knees
with a painful feeling that rumbles
in your constantly thinking mind
Crawl to the end
of the beginning
and look upon
You lost your way
only to find
lost in a place
we all but know
so well

April 28, 2000

3 Years, Day 1
My Mind is racing at the
Speed of Light
My body is pacing back and forth
in its own tired fight
Prolonging the pain
as I am hit by the
Pounding Rain
I find shelter in the arms of
the world
Soon all the answers will be


In Your Mind
there is a land
A land more vast than
any other mans
It is filled with
rivers of dreams
that empty into
flowing streams
In the fields grow
thougths that
come from
the roots below
And all is covered by
an overlapping sky
that asks this question:


Deaf Dumb Blind
I keep counting the days
thinking this will end
I keep hoping something
will begin
I keep on keeping
everything inside
I keep all my emotions
showing on the outside
In all the things I keep
I have nothing
No Voice
            No Sound
No Memory
            No Thoughts
No Look
            No Sight
No Touch
            No Feel


I Love You For You

Everyone knows it but you
I do not know what to do
Your fake persona is all
I have to hold on to
Will all of this ever be through?

Should I even tell it
to you
I Love You,
is that what to do?
is where we go to
We go from start
try to make it through

I cry invisible tears
For You                      
Weeping, I do cry out
For You  
I do what I do  
For You                          
Wanting to do something
For You  
I bring you into my heart
For You                        
What will I do
For You  
I say this because it's all  
For You                        
What can I do
For You

    I cry invisible tears                     Weeping, I do cry out
           For You                                         For You
    I do what I do                          Wanting to do something
           For You                                          For You
I bring you into my heart                      What will I do
           For You                                          For You
I say this because it's all                       What can I do
           For You                                          For You

I Love You For You

I cry invisible tears
For You                      
Weeping, I do cry out
For You  
  I do what I do  
For You                          
Wanting to do something
For You  
I bring you into my heart
For You                        
What will I do
For You  
I say this because it's all  
For You                        
What can I do
For You  

The Cycle

Don't judge me for my past,
Not for the present
and even for the future
Judge me as I am
A person not to be judged at all
A person to be understood
Fear to judgement to prejudice to hate
to fear again
Get past that stage
Beyond and past all the rage
Live Learn Grow Develop
Become the person
you need to be
The person inside
of me

November 7, 2000


Shut up you stupid fools
Stop listening to those
dumb ol' rules
You can break the mold
You don't always need to do what
you're told,
come on,
be bold

Don't slander My name,
Take It in vain

you bring this
upon yourself
Please don't put me up
on the shelf

I am a contradiction
You are—
My only conviction

Spring 2000


Are we so blindsided
by technicalities
enough to not even
stop and
about the consequences
of a built up tsunami,
that we have made,
that altogether crashes
its tidal wave hand
down upon the earth?

December 3, 2000
  • Listening to: Cars
  • Reading: Gulliver's Travels
  • Watching: Winter Olympics
  • Playing: Tetris
  • Eating: Fasting Food
  • Drinking: Strawberry Orange Banana Juice


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